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Break-Through-to-Profit Coaching Program
Ready To Lead

As a seasoned business owner, you understand that success demands more than just hard work.


It requires strategic direction, intentional planning, and the wisdom of an experienced advisor.


In this transformative 1:1 coaching program your business will grow into a thriving one that is aligned with your goals, values, and aspirations  a powerful roadmap for success.

Why Partner with an Experienced Advisor?

You've built your company with dedication and determination, but now it's time to break free from the daily chaos and experience the true potential of your business. An advisor brings a fresh perspective, proven strategies, and a wealth of experience to the table, enabling you to strategically navigate challenges, craft an intentional roadmap and balance business and personal life.


What's Included:

✓ Personalized One-to-One Coaching: Experience the power of two one-to-one Zoom calls each month with Andrea. Benefit from personalized guidance tailored to your business needs.

✓ Profit First Breakthrough: Andrea will be your personal guide, leading you to a new summit of business profits through strategic implementation of the Profit First methodology.

✓ Resistance To Profit Framework Implementation: Overcome resistance and hurdles that hinder your profitability, clearing the path for financial growth.

✓ Grow Your Niche Framework Implementation: Amplify your business's impact by strategically growing within your niche, attracting your ideal clients effortlessly.

✓ Pumpkin Plan Your Business Implementation: Leverage the Pumpkin Plan framework to identify and nurture your core strengths for organic business growth.

✓ Unlimited Voxer Support: Access Andrea's guidance anytime through unlimited 1:1 Voxer support, ensuring you stay on track and overcome challenges.

✓ 12-Month Video Training Series: Embark on a comprehensive business transformation journey through a curated video training series, overhauling your business for success.

✓ Weekly Q&A Calls: Engage in weekly Q&A calls with Business Made Simple experts, gaining insights and solutions to elevate your business.

✓ Quarterly Live Sessions with Donald Miller: Receive exclusive insights from Donald Miller himself, adding depth to your business strategy.

✓ Flight School Community Access: Join the members-only Flight School community to network and exchange ideas with fellow business owners.

✓ On-Demand Courses & Pumpkin Plan Action Guide: Access a library of on-demand courses through the Business Made Simple platform and the transformative Pumpkin Plan Action Guide.

✓ Business Growth Plan Tool Access: Utilize the Business Made Simple Digital Business Growth Plan tool to visualize your path to success.

✓ Exclusive Workshop Event Rates: Enjoy exclusive rates for workshop events, maximizing your learning and growth opportunities.

This program is meticulously designed to blend the principles of "Profit First" and the transformational "Pumpkin Plan" with personalized guidance.


Andrea's expertise will empower you to navigate financial hurdles, grow your niche, and create a thriving business.

Unlock the potential of your business today.


Secure your spot in the Profit First Breakthrough Program and embark on a journey that will redefine your success, with "Profit First" and the "Pumpkin Plan" as your guiding lights.

Ready to transform your business?

Some Kind Words

From Our Amazing Client

​"As a Real Estate Broker/owner of a boutique type Realty, I needed to better understand the QuickBooks Accounting system. Since my time is limited, I searched for a QuickBooks expert and I hired Andrea for few online training sessions. She is an excellent Trainer and masters QuickBooks online. Andrea has awesome training skills. She adjusts her materials to the level of knowledge of the trainee. I am very pleased that I received this personalized training with Andrea. I will definitely hire her again for QuickBooks Consulting services next year."


Nancy Lairet

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