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Hello! My name is

Andrea Russell

Many DIY female entrepreneurs are frustrated because they are constantly worried their businesses will run out of cash. They are constantly operating check to check. The business they thought would fund the lifestyle of their dream has turned into a cash-eating monster.

I get it, you should not be this way. I implemented profit first in my business. The best decision of my business life.

As your guide, I will help you to stop operating your business check to check and never have to worry about running out of cash. Instead, your business with be the cash-generating monster you need to pay yourself well and live your dream lifestyle.


My Story


I got started as a coach because as the founder of an accounting firm I have seen female entrepreneurs struggle with doing their own bookkeeping but not understanding the proper way to code their expenses. 

They often did not pay themselves because they lacked clarity in what the numbers were telling them and were always fearful about running out of cash in their business.

 At tax time they spent countless hours binging the bookkeeping at the last minute which in many cases resulted in them over paying in tax or adding additional cost to clean up their books.

As your guide, I will help you increase your cashflow & profit by mastering your financials and grow a business that makes you money to live your dream lifestyle.


Some Kind Words


". There was a time when I was uncertain if my business would survive another month due to financial struggles. But thanks to the Profit First System, everything changed.  I was able to turn my business around completely. I now have a clear picture of my finances and a solid plan for profitability. 



CEO of Savannah Yoga Center


"As a Real Estate Broker/owner of a boutique type Realty, I needed to better understand the QuickBooks Accounting system. Since my time is limited, I searched for a QuickBooks expert and I hired Andrea for few online training sessions. She is an excellent Trainer and masters QuickBooks online. Andrea has awesome training skills. She adjusts her materials to the level of knowledge of the trainee. I am very pleased that I received this personalized training with Andrea. I will definitely hire her again for QuickBooks Consulting services next year."



President of Palm-Aire Properties


"Before I discovered the VIP Profit First Mastery Program and implemented the profit first system, I was struggling to organize my revenue and make the necessary investments to expand my business. But after joining the VIP membership program with a Profit First strategic partner, everything changed. Thanks to the expert guidance and powerful tools provided, I was able to double my profits in no time. And now, I'm on track to triple my revenue this year alone! As a small business owner, I can honestly say that this system is a true gem. If you're looking to take your business to the next level, I highly recommend giving it a try."



CEO of Le'Bloom Media

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